Mahindra Mojo 300

This is not a super car. It is only a motorcycle that feels like one. It’s the powerful ideas inside the Mojo that really give this bike its car – like traits. Like an engine with DOH C technology and 4 valves for better, more efficient combustion. Mahindra Mojo Features: 300 cc, liquid cooled engine: Brace yourself for the thrills of this single cylindered, 300 cc powerplant. It makes this vehicle without doubt the purest, most direct expression of riding on offroad . Propel yourself to top speed in just a few riveting seconds. And leave insignificant rivals behind as you scream past to glory. Of course, the advanced liquid cooling technology keeps this hot head under control at all times. A very common feature, in cars, that is. It doesn’t just deliver better cooling efficiency, but allows for a smoother, more powerful and more streamlined engine.