Eco-Friendly SKODA

“With ‘GreenFuture’, ŠKODA will offer particularly environmentally-friendly automobiles and to manufacture and sell them in an even more sustainable fashion,” ŠKODA’s Chairman Prof. Dr. h. c. Winfried Vahland said in a press release. ‘GreenFuture’ is a clear, measurable commitment by the company and its employees toward environmental protection,” As part of this project, improved stoves that are environment friendly will be provided to some rural Nepali households. The project aims to reduce of carbon emissions in the rural households more than a Skoda will emit. As part of the GreenFuture, the Skoda cars will be more fuel-efficient and will be produced through sustainable use of resources. All its vehicles, five years down the road, will be produced by reducing the usages of energy and water and also by slashing waste and emissions by 25 percent in a vehicle. To meet its objective, it has already invested around 66 million Euro on its Mladá Boleslav to become one of the first environment friendly car factory in the world Its upcoming Green Line models will be equipped with turbocharged engines with direct fuel injection and will use latest technologies like the brake energy recuperation, start-stop system or low rolling resistance tyres and of course these features also mean reduction in prices too, a press release issued by the company said. Along with that company employeesin Czech Republic have been involved in tree plantation for the past five years. For every car sold in Czech, they plant a tree. This trend has resulted in the plantation of more than 363,000 trees and this year they plan to plant another 60,000. Installation of new PXL servo press line and use of bio mass based ŠKO-ENERGO method by replacing the erstwhile coal method at its Mladá Boleslav plant are expected to provide substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. Adding to it, its models will be more recyclable to a maximum of 95 percent.